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DASPI Question

Post by Turtledove »

I'm in process of saving my old HD-DVDs before they self destruct. I'm on Mac 11.3.x using an old Xbox 360 HD-DVD drive via USB.

My question is this:

MakeMKV "suggests" I install DASPI Kernal. So far I've been able to convert all my discs EXCEPT ones with AACS v3. All of those discs get read errors for the Main Feature. Sometimes the special features will show. Would the DASPI kernal fix this issue or is DASPI purely for speed? I don't really care about speed with so few disks to convert. So I don't want to install DASPI unless it will help me with the AACS v3 discs.

If that wouldn't fix this issue is there any other workaround for AACS v3 on HD-DVD?

Also how do you uninstall the kernal and turn the OS "lock" on driver installation back on when done? I've only seen how to install, not uninstall.
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Re: DASPI Question

Post by dcoke22 »

DASPI hasn't really been a thing for quite a while. Also, Apple has more or less disabled kernel extensions in Big Sur, so I don't know if you'd even be able to install it if you tried.


Perhaps post your logs. It is possible that your failures really are real disc failures that just happen to all be on AACS v3 discs and the DASPI suggestion is misleading.
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